Surgical Animations

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Constrictor™ Syndesmosis Repair Surgical Demonstration

This animation demonstrates the technique for the Constrictor™ – Knotless Adjustable Button designed for syndesmosis repair. The Constrictor’s unique active lock design maintains tension while resisting separation between the tibia and fibula. It was designed to minimize the elongation of the construct and provide a higher ultimate load to failure. The Constrictor is loaded with a passing suture and is used with a 3.7mm drill system for syndesmosis repair.

Constrictor™ Extended Button Support

This video demonstrates the Extended button being utilized in conjunction with Constrictor™. The extended button is used to enhance the fixation by providing a wider surface area of the repair. The Constrictor™ button fits into the recess of the extended button creating a larger footprint of repair. It is designed to maximize button to the bone contact. The construct is low profile and can be beneficial in cases of cortical blowout and patients with osteopenia.

Discover a better repair.