A Revolutionary New Device:


Knotless Adjustable Button Technology

  • Syndesmosis Repair – Adjunct to Fracture Repair
  • ACL Reconstruction
  • AC Repair

It’s a game changer

What makes it revolutionary?

  • Knotless repair
  • Novel locking design to assist with graft tensioning
  • Superior ultimate load-to-failure
  • Negligible elongation on cyclic loading

Why does it matter?

  • Can minimize graft laxity
  • Can prevent loss of reduction/fixation
  • Prevents knot related complications
  • Potentially reduce creep failure

Are you concerned about recurrent diastasis or loss of fixation following Syndesmosis repair?

Dunamis Medical’s Knotless Adjustable Fixation System for syndesmosis repair offers a superior and more effective solution to treat these injuries. Compare the results of elongation during cyclic Loading. 4500 cycles for the Dunamis device vs 1000 cycles for the market leader.

Test data on file at Dunamis Medical

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