Self-Locking Adjustable Tendon Repair System


Upper Extremity

  • Distal Biceps Repair
  • Pectoralis Major Repair
  • Proximal Biceps Repair

ORCA Xtreme™ Technology

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ORCA Xtreme™ Data

Substantial difference in load-to-failure is demonstrated in the graph compared to traditional method of repair

Clinical Advantages

  • Patient-specific tunnel size preparation using a bone preserving system – Tendon to Tunnel Match™
  • Precise Tensioning of the repair using adjustable technology
  • Screwless tendon fixation can reduce tendon injury and implantation failure
  • Reduce gap formation and improve the healing rate

Orca XL

Clinical Advantages

Wider Footprint, Enhanced Stability​
The ORCA™ XL has a broader footprint across the bone surface to enhance stability.

Suture Tape Integration
The ORCA™ XL allows the utilization of tapes to minimize the risk of pull-through soft tissue.

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Clinical Advantages

  • May reduce surgical time
  • May reduce the risk of symptomatic implant blackout and revision surgery

ORCA™ Tendon Repair System

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ORCA™ Self-Locking Tendon Repair

ORCA™ XL Self Locking Tendon Repair

ORCA Xtreme™ Self-Locking Tendon Repair

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