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Choose a stronger and stiffer soft-tissue ACL Femoral Fixation Device.

Femoral Fixation Device

The FLIPTight® CL Femoral Fixation Device delivers an effective solution for ligament reconstruction. The low profile of the titanium plate button offers ease of graft passage and rigid fixation on the femoral cortices. The Continuous Loop is pre-tensioned and manufactured with braided UHMWPE.

The Continuous Loop braid and pre-tensioning create a more rigid and stiffer graft construct. This eliminates creep that results in better integration and remodeling of the reconstructed ACL or PCL.

The FLIPTight CL Femoral Fixation Device is easily used in either a Trans-tibial approach or an Anteromedial approach for a more laterally positioned graft.

Make the switch to better design.

Choose FLIPTight®

FLIPTight® CL Femoral Fixation Device offers the surgeon an improved titanium plate button with a pre-tensioned braided ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene loop.

Three lengths of loops: 15mm, 20mm and 25mm provides intraoperative options for maximizing graft surface contact within the femoral tunnel.

FLIPTight® CL Femoral Fixation Device

Product No.



FLIPTight® Continuous Loop Device, 15mm

Titanium (Ti) Plate with UHMWPE Loop


FLIPTight® Continuous Loop Device, 20mm

Titanium (Ti) Plate with UHMWPE Loop


FLIPTight® Continuous Loop Device, 25mm

Titanium (Ti) Plate with UHMWPE Loop

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