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ACL and PCL Reconstruction

TIGHTFixvPEEK Interference Screw System

The TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screws are a new generation of bone-patella tendon-bone and soft-tissue graft fixation. With an advanced barrel and thread design we’ve improved bone-to-graft surface contact.

The Insertion Driver tip runs the length of the screw providing axial support. The screws are made with Vestakeep® PEEK, a high strength, bio-inert polymer that exhibits superior modulus and high ductility. The combination of the structural support designed into the driver/screw interface and Vestakeep® that resists fracturing results in greater torsional strength and a stiffer repair.

Also, the TIGHTFix™ ACL-PCL Instrument Set includes a separate tray of taps offering the surgeon intraoperative flexibility.

Make the switch to better design.

Experience the TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screw System.

TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screws offer the surgeon an advanced barrel and thread design that improves bone purchase, and balances stress distribution evenly for greater torsional strength.

TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screw System

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TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screw, 8mm x 25mm


TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screw, 9mm x 25mm


TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screw, 10mm x 25mm


TIGHTFix™ vPEEK Interference Screw, 11mm x 25mm

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