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Increase the footprint of the repair using our Button Extender for Constrictor® Mini

Button Extender Designed for Use with Constrictor® Mini

With the launch of Button Extender Dunamis Medical now provides low-profile product solutions which are Constrictor specific. This will maximize the suture area of repair between the Constrictor® Mini and bone. Below are some highlights of why we designed the Button Extender for Constrictor Mini®.

Button Extender with Constrictor Mini

Increased Footprint – Optimize your Fixation

  • Increases the footprint of the repair by 3.9 times
  • Distributes the load over a wider surface area
  • May be ideal in Osteopenic patients (poor bone density), cortical blowouts or revision scenarios

Low-Profile Design

  • Recessed design to accept Constrictor Mini
  • Constrictor Mini extender button interface prevents any excessive motion between button designs

Compatible Design

The button-specific design prevents any excessive motion between the knotless Constrictor Mini button and the Button Extender.

Button Extender with Constrictor Mini
Button Extender Top View

Easy Loading

  • Cut allows easy loading of the device
  • Fitment allows for easy loading


Syndesmosis Repair

AC Repair

Fibular Nail

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Button Extender for Constrictor Mini®

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Constrictor® Button Extender


Constrictor® Mini Button Extender