Introducing a Revolutionary New Device:

Constrictor Mini

Low Profile Knotless Adjustable Button Technology

  • Knotless
  • Adjustable
  • Self-Locking
  • Non-Finger Trap design
  • Syndesmosis Repair – Adjunct to Fracture Repair
  • ACL Reconstruction
  • AC Repair

Benefits of the Constrictor® Mini

A Smaller Take on a Better Button Design

  • Designed for Use with Small Diameter Fibular Nails
  • Designed for Use with Low Profile Plates
  • Syndesmosis Drill Hole of 3.1

It’s a game changer

What makes it revolutionary?

A Unique Locking Design

  • The locking button design maintains tension in the repair and will resist any separation between the Tibia and the Fibula
  • The button design may prevent suture abrasion and tunnel widening

Suture Based Fixation Redefined

Designed for Use with Fibular Nails

The X-ray demonstrates the use of Constrictor® Mini with fibular nails used for fracture fixation.

*Dunamis Medical does not manufacture fibular nails

Designed for Use with Low-Profile Plates

The pictures demonstrate the use of Constrictor® Mini with low-profile plates used for fracture fixation.

*Dunamis Medical does not manufacture fracture plates

**Constrictor® and Constrictor® Mini are available in Titanium.

Dunamis Medical recommends that implants in direct contact should be manufactured using identical material.

Dunamis Medical recommends use of Button Extender when implanting Constrictor® and Constrictor® Mini without a fracture plate.

Constrictor® Mini Syndesmosis Repair Button

Product No.


Constrictor® Mini – Knotless Adjustable Button System for Syndesmosis Repair, Titanium


Syndesmosis Repair Implantation System, Stainless Steel 3.1mm Drill Bit (For use with AB-3000)


Syndesmosis Repair Implantation System, 3.3mm Drill Bit

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